Business Tip – Random Tips & Pearls For Your Business

Marketing: Getting the word out. Not all practices and businesses have flyers and brochures. I recently met with an NP who uses Vista Prints for business cards, post cards and brochures. Her office even had a double sided sign in the window that she received for free from Vista Prints.Taking Call: I take my own call. In the past, I would just forward the office number to my cell phone. The problem was that my phone would ring day and night. It was not uncommon for patients to call at 3 or 4 am to leave a message to request or cancel an appointment for that day. Obviously it became too much.Now patients have my cell phone and can call when needed. My phone no longer rings un-necessarily and I no longer get uninterrupted sleep. It seems the more access my patients have to me, the less need they have to call. (Fair warning though, there are exceptions, but fortunately it’s just a few).Automate: Lab Information. One of the things I’ve done for years is to have a lab results form that I use with my patients. It has the usual ones that I teach them about (such as lipid panel and glucose), normals and a brief description of what it is/does. On the flip side it gives patients action steps to take to make corrections.This saves me and them a lot of time, and it gives them something to take home and it makes it easy for them to remember what we talked about.

3 Powerful Online Business Tips to Use When Getting Started on the Internet

When you first get started on the Internet it can be quite a difficult journey because of all that is going on at the same time. If you get started without any guidance it can be quite confusing because you just don’t know exactly what you’re doing or what will be the right direction to take. I’m going to identify 3 powerful online business tips that can help you get started.Tip #1 Take Your Time And Don’t Get OverwhelmedThe key to not being confused on the Internet is to take your time and make sure that you do not get overwhelmed. This is very important because the big mistake that many people make is to try to do too much at the same time. You have to understand that you have enough time to take it one thing at a time instead of just rushing into things trying to learn everything at once. But keep in mind that you have enough time to do things slowly and is going to help you in the long run. So stay consistent and learn something new everyday.Tip #2 Think Research FirstWhen you first get started invest some time to research first instead of trying to join or jump into any opportunity. Remember that the more information you obtain the better is going to be when you finally have to make a decision. When you first get started the last thing you want to do is waste too much money so just make sure that you take your time and you surf around the Internet in order to get familiar with it.Tip #3 Look For An Affordable Home Based BusinessOnce you get the hang of being on the Internet surfing around then is time for you to find an affordable home based business. The reason you should do this is because you’re going to get even more experience at being part of a business and at the same time not putting too much money into it since is affordable.By reading over these steps and understanding each and every one of them you are going to be able to get started the right way on the Internet without getting confused.